I will i can Believe that!

Poetry I’ve learnt

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I’ve learnt to be gentle when life’s taught me to be tough

I’ve learnt to listen when no one hears what I say

I’ve learnt to forgive when injustice surrounds me

I’ve learnt to work hard while others play

I’ve learnt to find joy in the simple things I thought were dull
I’ve learnt to savor a smile, a hug, a kind word as cherished memories

I’ve learnt to give when I feel deprived, smile when heart is empty and love when I feel unloved.

As shadows dance beneath the movement of the sun, words speak to the heart, a gentle touch.

Thank you for reading…

Raja Muzafar Ali


Author: rajamuzafarali

I know I am some thing Bcoz GOD doestnt create garbage

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