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Five Ways To Think Out Of The Box

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Praise be to Almighty

Whenever our mind runs out of ideas, we have always been advised to think ‘out of the box’. But what really is thinking out of the box? Isn’t it frustrating to hear this typical advice from everyone, be it your boss or your teachers?

We are at your rescue. Thinking out of the box is not that difficult. All that is required is breaking your mind free from the shackles of rules and limits and go beyond your usual self.

Follow these simple instructions to surprise everyone with your divergent ideas next time you are asked for creative inputs:

1. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

It is easy to believe in something you have always believed in. But the challenge here is to compete with yourself instead of competing with others. Step out of your comfort zone and try taking a different route this time. You don’t necessarily have to change your daily routine but just deviate from thinking the conventional way.

2. Put on someone else’s shoes

Try slipping into a new role. Think about a solution to a problem by believing that you are living that problem. Don’t be an orthodox. Perspectives are meant to be altered according to time and situation. Sometimes there is no harm in listening to what others think. The more you listen without restricting your brain to ‘this is impossible’, greater are chances of you making impossible possible.

3. Mistakes are a means; not an end

When you will put your old perspectives at rest and try something afresh, you cannot expect cent percent success. Failures must not be disappointing. Rather, they should serve as a source of enlightenment. A person can be an out of the box thinker only if he welcomes failure as openly as he welcomes success.

Try unique things to make a different mistake each time. Till the time you will not try, you will not make mistakes and without making mistakes, your brain will lose its ability to grow.

4. Learn to question

Do not let your brain feed on something being served to it on a platter. Make it a habit to question the existing facts and support your every thought with a strong reasoning. Asking questions helps to foster our thinking and creativity.

5. Do something unknown

Plan to learn something which you might have never even thought of doing. Discover yourself to open your mind to something out of the box. Learn a new language, do a research about things that interests you, meet new people or switch to a new hobby. Being a silent observer may also bring knowledge to you.

You willingness to know the unknown things will bring fresh and new ideas to you.

~Raja Muzafar Ali


Author: rajamuzafarali

I know I am some thing Bcoz GOD doestnt create garbage

One thought on “Five Ways To Think Out Of The Box

  1. That’s a pretty list you got here. Good to know this.


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