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Eight Damaging Behaviors of Unsuccessful People

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Do you remember the proverb ‘ health is wealth’?. Like all other proverbs, this one also captures the essence of wisdom from generations of human civilization. Studies keep proving that only in a good body a sound mind can reside.

Your ability to perform in life is dependent on factors such as what do you eat, your stress levels, exercise and the quality of sleep you getting. So if you are up for a transformation, health is where it must start.

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They Refuse To Take In New Ideas And Criticisms


When it comes to receiving advice and taking criticisms, there are two kinds of people. The first kind is open to new ideas, suggestions, and experiences, whether they come from someone superior or inferior.

The second kind of people is too confident in their own ideas and capabilities that they always turn down and neglect other’s inputs and criticism. Can you guess which of the two group will be more successful in life ? The first type of people of course.

One of the remarkable character trait everyone admires in Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is his leadership style, which can be termed as ‘inclusive leadership’. That means listening to ideas and feedbacks from everyone at Microsoft despite their position and status.

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They Never Prioritize Their Time


Unsuccessful people always fail when it comes to finishing their projects despite how talented or capable they were. This is mostly due to lack of prioritizing their time properly amidst all the distractions of the modern world.

One way to best distractions and prioritize your time is to use a technique employed by Writer and Wharton Professor Adam Grant called Deep Work. Unlimited streams of news, recurring social media notifications, never ending emails and mind-numbing meetings have led to a steady drop in our productivity. Prioritizing and setting aside distraction-free hours every day for your most important project can alone turn you from unsuccessful to successful.

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They Regularly Procrastinates


We all procrastinate, that is a fact. But unsuccessful people procrastinate more, in fact, the reasons for them to be trapped in the dark chasm of procrastination is mostly because of fear says famous blogger and life coach Leo Babauta. They are in constant fear of :

1. Not knowing what they are doing

2. That they are gonna mess up and look bad

3. That they will succeed and then have to face a scarier situation

4. That the task will be difficult and uncomfortable.

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They Are Not Comfortable In Being Their Own Selves


Unsuccessful people try to be someone that they are not. They are constantly under the pressure to portray themselves as the person they think the society want to see them as.

As the American President election is getting closer, one remarkable thing about the Republican candidate Donald Trump is how comfortable he is in his own skin and his thoughts and doesn’t give any attention to what others think about him. Trump’s success so far clearly owe to him embracing his true self publicly unlike the professional politicians.

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They Are Always Looking For Excuses


One trait every unsuccessful person shares is their ability to find excuses for every single failure in their life. Even when it is clearly evident that it is their own fault, they will never admit it and will always look at other people and factors to blame. On the other hand, successful people takes responsibility, accept failures and never resort to excuses.

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They Never Learn From Their Failures


It is not just their inability to take responsibility for failure, but along with that their attitude in not learning from them makes them more unsuccessful. There is a famous story when Thomas Edison, after inventing the incandescent bulb he was interviewed by a journalist who asked him about the thousands of failed experiments he had before making one of the landmark invention in human civilization. 

His answer was ‘Now I know a thousand ways to not make a bulb’, like Edison every successful person take notes on their failures and learn from them.

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They Surround Themselves With Negative People


Time Ferris often says that you are the average of five people with whom you constantly interact with. Unsuccessful people have a tendency to find similarly negative minded people in order to stay in their comfort zone. What these people add is further negativity to an already negative mind.

It is essential that we must surround ourselves with different and positive people who shares same goals and will add more to our lives. 

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~Raja Muzafar Ali


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